September 25, 2017
In order to make a vision into a reality, it takes time and money. To make the vision of a nonprofit into a reality, it take lots of donors and volunteers. Miracle Flights for Kids had a clear vision from the beginning to assist children and families in need of specialized care that is far from their homes that cannot afford to travel to that specialized health care facility. In 1985, when Ann McGee started this company, she never could have foreseen the amount of assistance from thousands of donors and volunteers across America that would come together to make Miracle Flights for Kids’ vision come true.
March 29, 2017
The wonderful folks who work with Miracle Flights for Kids “Miracle Makers” and, quite often, the name really fits. Consider the number of sick children they help every year. It is probably an apt name for them, given the number of sick children they help out every year. This fine nonprofit organization exists for only one purpose; to make sure that the families of sick children with a medical condition that requires specialized medical care have access to that care, even it only exists hundreds of miles away.

The people at Miracle Flights for Kids understand that not every family has the means to simply “hop on a plane” whenever they need to go somewhere. When they live on one side of the country and the doctors and treatment their child needs is on the other side, the family should be able to get there. The “Miracle Makers” know how to help, and Miracle Flights for Kids will fly any patient who qualifies and two parents or guardians to wherever they need to receive treatment, follow-up care or to get a second opinion. This is what compassion is all about.